Total Network Inventory


The software inventory and PC audit solution



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Administering local networks is never easy, since you have to figure out what's going on with different computers, check their security, and make an inventory of the components of each one. Installing remote agents on each machine in the network can be a burden, so Total Network Inventory was created to make your task both faster and easier.

The program runs an in-depth scan of all of your local networks and IP addresses, showing you data regarding installed hardware, processes running, and patches. You just need to know the administrator password to run the scan on unique nodes, ranges of network addresses, or Active Directory structures.

Since each computer occupies a space in Total Network Inventory's centralized storage, you can group computers, add comments, and attach additional information so you can see all of your network at once. Once you've finished this process, the tool will create reports about different categories of data that you can then copy, export, and print. Total Network Inventory also allows you to create a database with the users on your network, store various passwords for different machines and protocols, and follow the online status of those machines in realtime. Without a doubt, this is a solid program that will save you from a LAN-related headache.

- 60-day trial.
- Scans a maximum of 50 computers (network nodes).
- Reports created by the program can be exported and printed, but the phrase 'trial version' will randomly substitute text.

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